Hard Things

Our day on Thursday was full of hard things. We began by visiting the Bauleni Family Legacy School, which is busting full of kids that our group and everyone associated sponsors.

This was the first thing hard thing we encountered. During our time at the school, one of the orphans grabbed Amy to ask her where Izzy was. Even though it has been three years since Izzy was there, these kids don’t forget you. This girl wanted to know where Izzy was.

Amy found me and handed her off for the explanation. Needless to say, it was extremely difficult to get the words out of my mouth that Izzy had passed away but that we were there because Izzy loved the orphans of Zambia. You can read more about it in an earlier post (Why Zambia?) if you haven’t already.

The next hard thing we faced was the community day. This is when we see first hand the poverty, the horrible living conditions, and the messed up theology of the Zambians. The whole two hours of walking in the slum is very heart breaking and overwhelming. But it is also very enjoyable to walk around with your group and see them find people just hanging around their one-room houses that they share Jesus with.

After the community portion of the day, we came back to the Legacy Center and had a great visit with the Tree of Life kids. We spent time with the child we sponsor and saw some really heart warming things. You can check them out on Facebook pictures. That ended a very full day that started earlier than the rest.

At this point in our week, we are physically exhausted and emotionally spent. You can see it on everyone’s faces. It has been additionally difficult because we have two people in our group who are sick, which has made the logistics of handling everything each day more challenging.

All of this to say that we could really use your prayers for the coming days. We are trying to make sure we have everything worked out to complete our Friday of camp and then for our final day prior to leaving for the airport on Sunday night. Given that we are tired in every way, all of your prayers are appreciated and coveted as we enter these final days.

Those are the hard things we are encountering. It is very likely you have the hard things you are facing. We have been reminded over and over again of the faithfulness of God in the midst of all of these challenges. We pray that you experience that same goodness of God in your life as we have seen first hand all week.


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