Never What You Expect

We began our day as we did the day before praying together as a Villa group. This is our group of 18 plus three Matrangas who are Camp LIFE experts having attended 11 years. 

My encouragement to the group praying was that we would freely experience the full range of emotions we would feel today knowing we would enjoy the high of singing, dancing, and spending time with our kids but the sorrow of the low when you hear of the poverty and pain the orphans experience. My reminder was that Jesus was perfectly human and experienced all those emotions that we clearly see presented in scripture. 

As much as I thought the day would go a certain way, it just didn’t. I can’t necessarily articulate what that means except our prayer tonight together left me thinking of Ephesians 3:20, “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us.”

When things don’t go like you expect, we usually have this feeling that something is wrong or God is absent or He isn’t in control. Instead, maybe Paul meant just that scenario with Ephesians 3:20. God is doing something abundantly more than our thinking could ask or comprehend. Yep, God is in control. 

Maybe you have felt this way. Events in your life transpire that make you think everything is going all wrong, but maybe God has orchestrated those events to ensure the maximum glory for His Son and your good. If we knew what God knew, we would make the same things happen, even if completely chaotic from the world’s point of view. 

Yesterday’s quote about prayer could not have been more timely. God is doing His work among our lives and in the lives of the orphans, and He is using all of our prayers toward that end. We serve an amazing God that can hold the vast number of universes in complete order while knowing us personally and intimately down to the finest detail. 

Yes, life can be extremely challenging, hard, and take your breath away difficult, but Jesus remains on His throne. His kingdom remains in order. So we rest in the finished work of Christ even as we struggle through life. 

This is the hope we have to offer and point to when we speak to the Zambian orphans. I have shared the gospel over and over again, and it never gets old to share or remember this gospel for myself. Sinners are lost but then found, and our Father throws a party for such as these. 

Tomorrow is another day filled with dancing, singing, and spending time with our Zambian children, many of whom you are sponsoring. There isn’t one child who isn’t incredibly grateful for their sponsor. You are like a parent to them to allow them to attend school that they cherish, a meal that helps them see that the gospel is real, and discipleship that points them to Jesus over and over again. 

Let us keep praying for the glory of Jesus in our lives and through our lives. We need it desperately!

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