Zambia, Here We Come!

13 suitcases packed, five carry-ons, and a whole lot of prayer. We are ready to go!

We leave soon for the airport to begin our journey from Houston, Texas to Lusaka, Zambia. The total time of travel to our destination will take us a little more than 36 hours with an overnight stay in Dubai. Below you will find our general daily schedule beginning tonight when we leave Houston at 7pm.

Feel free to keep this schedule handy as our group of over 15 people travel and ultimately minister to those in Zambia. This blog will seek to provide daily updates of our journey to and from Zambia. Come along with us!

The format below will be as follows: Local Time/Houston Time

Thursday July 14 Leave Houston 7pm/7pm

Friday July 15 Arrive in Dubai 7pm/10am Stay overnight in Dubai Hotel

Saturday July 16 Leave Dubai 9:30am/12:30am

Saturday July 16 Arrive Lusaka, Zambia 2:30pm/7:30am

Sunday July 17 Church with Tree of Life Children’s Village 9am/2am

Sunday July 17 Meet Zambian partners/translators 3pm/8am

Monday July 18 Tour of Lusaka 8am/1am

Monday July 18 Meet our kids for first time Noon/5am

Monday July 18 Noon/5am until Wednesday July 20 4pm/9am Enjoy Camp LIFE with our kids

Thursday July 21 Visit the neighborhood of our kids 8am/1am till 2pm/7am

Thursday July 21 Spend the afternoon with Tree of Life kids 3pm/8am till 6pm/11am

Friday July 22 Camp LIFE with our kids one last day 8am/1am till 4pm/9am

Saturday July 23 Sponsorship Party with our sponsored kids from Bauleni 10am/3am??

Saturday July 23 Tree of Life Party with kids from Tree of Life Children’s Village that are in Izzy’s House or that we sponsor 2pm/7am??

Saturday July 23 Leave Lusaka 9:30pm/2:30pm

Sunday July 24 Arrive in Dubai 6:30am/9:30pm (July 23)

Sunday July 24 Leave Dubai 8:30am/11:30pm (July 23)

Sunday July 24 Arrive in Houston 3:45pm/3:45pm

That’s our trip in a nutshell with a lot of details in between. We appreciate your prayers for all the travel, safety, and health, but more than anything, we appreciate your prayers that through our lives the name of Jesus Christ would be exalted.

If we encounter trouble, difficulty, or pain, we know that our sovereign God is in control, and He is able to take the most heinous evil and use it for His good. All we have to do is look at the cross to remember that. So look with us at our Resurrected King where we find peace and comfort through the Spirit that He has placed within us to enjoy this ride at a temporary place we call earth before we one day are with Jesus face-to-face.

Unite your hearts with ours through your prayers and ours that God may glorify Himself through us and through you resulting in the constant praise for His glory!


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