Why Zambia?

In November of 2013, one of our good friends Isabelle St. Clair (Izzy) was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Just a couple of months previous to that, Izzy had returned from Zambia where she attended Camp LIFE with Family Legacy. Little did we know that within the next ten months, we would watch Izzy pass away before our eyes on September 12, 2014.

Izzy made an impact on every person she came in contact with because her personality and heart for Christ was so infectious. As a result, through her death, Izzy’s House was born. Through the gifts and donations from family, friends, and companies that Izzy worked for, Izzy’s House was built on the Family Legacy grounds as part of their Tree of Life Children’s Village where eight young women are cared for with a bed of their own and the love and care of a house mom.

Because these funds were raised, Izzy’s House was built and opened in July 2015, just ten months after her passing. To oversee the preparations of Izzy’s House and help it open for the first time, some of Izzy’s friends and their husbands (Izzy’s Crew) traveled to Zambia in July 2015 to open the house.

Little did we know that opening Izzy’s House would be just one of multiple life changing experiences during our time in Zambia. In addition to opening the house, we participated in Camp LIFE just like Izzy did two years prior. For five days, we met, cared for, prayed over, shared Jesus, and came to love and call our own twenty Zambian orphans.

When we returned home, all of us were able to find sponsors for our Zambian kids where they now receive education, a nutritious meal a day, and discipleship in Jesus Christ through Zambian leaders.

For my wife and I, the impact has continued to reverberate in our hearts, whereby, we were convinced that God would provide a way for our whole family to attend Camp LIFE this year in July 2016.

Through the prayers of our family and friends, God graciously provided the funds through generous giving by so many people that our whole family is headed to Zambia July 14, 2016.

Our prayer is that God would use us and all our friends while we are in Zambia and that God would use the Zambians to transform our hearts to another degree of glory in the image of Christ as part of our daily sanctification through the power of the Spirit.

Please pray with us as we travel to and back from Zambia from July 14-24, 2016. Thank you!

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